Centrally located
Live like a local a stone’s throw from Rome
Casa Galilei
Renaissance monastery’s guest quarters
Casa Marconi
Two floors, two spacious open-​​plan rooms
Immerse yourself
There’s a glorious pool in the nearby hills
Elevate yourself
Visit stunning cultural sites

Welcome to Casa Capena

Casa Capena offers two holiday homes: the capacious Casa Galilei, which dates back to Renaissance times, and the compact Casa Marconi, which is a youngster by comparison – a mere two centuries old. Both are located in the historical centre of a thriving village situated near Rome and the Sabine Hills in the region of Lazio. Despite its proximity to the city centre (it lies just 30km north of Rome along the Via Tiberina), Capena retains a very distinct rural flavour with a refreshing lack of tourists. The holiday houses have been in operation for some ten years now and they offer a comfortable space with all the peace and comfort you could want indoors and plenty of local colour and interest when you open the door. Many of our returning guests have made friends in the village and Capena is unique in offering a real oppor­tunity to be part of local life in this laid-​​​​back, off-​​​​beat and friendly community.

About Casa Capena

An introduction to our two properties – and to us
Casa Galilei is a family-sized property with three bedrooms, two living rooms (with sofa beds for extra guests) and the well-equipped kitchen shown here.
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Casa Marconi is a little two-​​storey house that has recently proved popular as a writer’s retreat. Both floors are almost entirely open plan, giving this compact property a very airy feel.
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Casa Capena owner Juliet Haydock lived in Italy for several years and now divides her time between Cardiff and Capena. She works as an Italian–English translator.
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Capena’s delicious food

At the shops, market, cafés and restaurants


Guests’ comments
Casa Marconi is very charming and clean ... it is like a little love nest. After a really good night’s sleep and sleeping in a little we went to the little bar around corner from our apartment at the Piazza del Popolo and had the best cappuccino ever … It was so good, we had two.
Kerstin Brown

Kerstin Brown


Casa Galilei provides the best possible holiday experience one could wish for. With dramatic views across the gorge, the house is located on a site that has been in use for some 3,000 years. At the same time, its spacious, cool rooms and, above all, tasteful and modern interior all ensure that your stay will be most comfortable.
Dr R.E. Roth

Dr R.E. Roth


In the butchers at Capena this morning it was crowded. Going to the butcher here is a social occasion. We bought the tastiest parma ham I’ve ever had and ate it for lunch in sandwiches made from fresh bread with tomatoes we’d just bought from the Saturday market in the square. Wonderful.
Hugh Taylor

Hugh Taylor

Dumfries and Galloway