This is an entry I meant to add in August, when I found out that Google Earth had added 3D overlays for many of the main monuments in Rome.

In the words of the Google LatLong blog: Rome really is an eternal city. With a history spanning over 2500 years and regimes from the early kingdom, through the republic, the empire, and later as the heart of the Catholic faith in the Vatican city, each has made their mark on the current urban architectural landscape of Rome. Now, with the release of thousands of new 3D buildings for the city, you can explorethe blending of the ages in layered construction of Rome from within Google Earth.There is much more to explore in Italy’s modern capital, so have a look around this beautiful city! And don’t forget, a few years ago we also released ancient Rome in 3D which allows you to see Rome as it was in 320 AD.

To see Rome in Google Earth for yourself, use Google Maps with Earth view or turn on Google Earth’s “3D Buildings” layer and search for “Rome, Italy”. Alternatively, you can download thisKML tour from the Google Earth Gallery to take a virtual tour of the 3D landmarks for yourself.