Blue disabled badge

Following on from the last parking post, Tanya, who is coming to Casa Galilei at Christmas, asked me if her disabled mother would be able to use her blue disabled badge on their holiday.

I did some research and the results were encouraging:

Using your Blue Badge abroad

The UK has agreed informal parking arrangements with other European Union (EU) countries, so you may be able to use the Blue Badge abroad.

The EU publishes a detailed information booklet about using the Blue Badge in European countries. Go to the ‘Parking card for people with disabilities in the EU’ link to download the booklet.

In non-EU countries, you should take the badge with you and ask whether you are entitled to use it.

·         Download ‘Parking card for people with disabilities in the EU’ (PDF, 10979K)

·         Help with PDF files


Blue disabled badge
Blue disabled badge

I also found a free satnav map of blue badge parking places in Europe…