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Parco di Veio

The Parco di Veio is a natur­alistic area located in the Lazio region and very close to Capena (less than half an hour drive). It is extremely rich in historic and artistic resources and natural beauty. Archae­ological remains date back to the Etruscan period: the most prestigious being what’s left of the ancient city of […]



Bracciano and its lake

Bracciano is a town in the province of Rome, about 1 hour drive from Capena. The town is standing on a hill, above the clear waters of the homonymous lake, of volcanic origin, in which you can dip to cool off in the hot summer days, and where you can practice scuba diving, canoeing and […]

Food and cuisine in Sabina

The beautiful area histor­ically called Sabina lies in the middle of Central Italy, in a portion of land that covers almost entirely the current province of Rieti and extends along the Tiber River, to include part of the province of Rome and some municip­alities of the provinces of Terni and Aquila. A very large area, […]


The medieval village of Vitorchiano

Vitorchiano, located in the province of Viterbo is a very picturesque village, perched, as usual in this area, above a tufaceous crop. It is surrounded by rolling green hills covered with hazelnut trees (the area produces some of the best Italian hazelnuts classified as DOP), vineyards, olive groves, woods of oak and chestnuts. Its origins […]

The ancient tradition of the “Ottobrate Romane”

The  Ottobrate Romane are a long time tradition. In papal Rome, the Ottobrate were the day trips in the countryside made mainly at harvest time that became very popular as a form of enter­tainment for the nobles and the people. The trips were usually carried out on Thursday; in the early hours of the morning,  […]



The dying city of Civita di Bagnoregio

Situated in the province of Viterbo, not too far from the Bolsena lake, Civita di Bagnoregio appears perched on a golden tuffaceous rock overhanging the broad valley formed by streams Chiaro and Torbido. The village, where a few families endure to live, is being lost: the  hill on which it stands  is undermined by the […]

Harvest festivals in Lazio

September is wine harvest time in most regions of Italy, and the smell of grapes and must is filling the air around the vineyards. It is the time of the year when wineries are bustling with activity in the vineyard for the selection of the best grapes and in the cellar to prepare the new wine. […]



The necropolis of Tarquinia

The Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia  is a Unesco World Heritage Site located on the Monterozzi hill, approx­imately an hour and half drive from Capena. It is extremely famous for its painted tombs, carved into the rock, accessible by stairs or sloping corridors. Most of them have been built for a single couple and are a […]

Maritozzo con panna and sorchetta romana: two Roman classics!

If you want to experience the ‘real’ Rome, you cannot leave without having tried two of the most delicious, soft and rich food that Rome has offer:  ‘maritozzo con panna’ (a creamy brioche) and ‘sorchetta romana’ (impossible to translate!). Maritozzo is a delicious sandwich, sometimes flavored with orange peel or enriched with raisins, and normally […]



Getting to Rome from Capena

Rome is at short distance from Capena and if you are staying at one of our houses you should definitely save at least a day or two for visiting the ‘eternal city‘. Getting to Rome from Capena is very easy either if you have a car or if you want to travel via taxi or […]