The Natural Reserve of the Bracciano & Martignano lakes lies around 35Km from Capena. It has been created in 1995 to protect and preserve the natural flora and fauna of the area and has become a favourite destination for active travellers that like to enjoy an unspoilt and pristine natural environment. During migration season it is also a perfect spot to do a bit of bird watching as it is a stop in the journey of approximately 10.000 aquatic birds.

If cycling is your thing, then you shouldn’t miss the Ciclovie Sabatine a couple of interesting routes also good for trekkers and horse riders.

The first one is called Ciclovia dei Boschi and it’s the longer of the 2, with 17,5Km feasible in 2/3 hours on bicycle. It starts at the Oriolo Romano parking and terminates at Trevignano Romano. The itinerary is surrounded by a dense forest of chestnuts, beeches and oaks that opens to the beautiful panorama of the Bracciano lake in its latest part. The path is mostly unpaved but the soil is compact except when extremely wet. It has some ascents and descents but in general it can be described as medium difficulty.

ciclovia_dei_boschi leaflet

The second route, Ciclovia dei Laghi, is much shorter (less than 8 Km) and easier and it can be cycled in around 1 hour and half. The path goes mainly through cultivated fields and low vegetation with open views over the 2 lakes and the mountains around (Monti Sabatini and Monti della Tolfa). It starts at the Mola Vecchia dell’Arrone in Anguillara Sabazia that can be easily reached from the railway station.

ciclovia_dei_laghi leaflet

 For both routes:

         you will need to take with you water as there are no public sources or facilities into the reserve

         complete plans of the 2 routes will be also available at the tourist info kiosks

         both routes have signs all along and boards explaining the local fauna and flora

Happy ride!