Are you visiting Casa Capena and having a holiday in the Roman countryside? Who said you have to leave your drivers at home?

You like golf and don’t want to neglect your favourite activity during your holidays? Well, the region of Lazio and Rome can offer plenty of options to satisfy your passion.

Let’s see our closest golf course: Parco di Roma Golf & Country Club

Around 30 Km drive from our houses, Parco di Roma is a beautiful country club very close to the city centre but in an extremely different environment. The course, totally immerse in the green flourishing Roman countryside, has 18 holes. The fee for non-members is 60€ on working days and 100€ at weekends.

A few kilometres further away, but in the direction of the Bracciano lake, is the Golf Nazionale, close to the medieval town center of Sutri.

Another great location for this course with 18 holes, immaculately kept and surrounded by the green rolling hills of this area. The entrance fee is 70€ or 90€ at weekends.

Last but not least, if you want to experience a bit of the wealthy Rome atmosphere, you may visit the Olgiata Golf Club only 40 Km from Capena. The course has a great layout, a very nice club house, and a great restaurant (worth a visit on itself!), all in an extremely peaceful atmosphere. It is mainly used by locals and it is considered one of the best golf clubs in Italy.

So…enjoy the game and good luck!