If you want to experience the ‘real’ Rome, you cannot leave without having tried two of the most delicious, soft and rich food that Rome has offer:  ‘maritozzo con panna’ (a creamy brioche) and ‘sorchetta romana’ (impossible to translate!). Maritozzo is a delicious sandwich, sometimes flavored with orange peel or enriched with raisins, and normally cut in half, lengthwise, to be filled with fresh whipped cream. This fragrant sweet typical of Latium cuisine is normally consumed at breakfast with cappuccino in some of the most popular bars. Its name seems to be linked to a romantic local tradition: in the past, it was custom offering this sweet before the wedding, the brides would receive the cake, nicknaming their donors as ‘maritozzi’ (a term of endearment for ‘mariti’ – husbands).
maritozzo roma

Today, walking through Rome is no longer so easy to find a bar in the early hours of the morning serving maritozzi freshly made and filled with cream but there are a few renowned addresses, you can check out:

1. “The Maritozzaro” in Via Ettore Rolli 50 in Trastevere (right where the Portaportese stalls are on Sunday morning).

2. “Regoli pasticceria” in Via dello Statuto 60, not far from the Termini station where another very good market takes place everyday (excluding Sunday).

3. “Panificio Mosca” in Via Candia 16, close to St Peter Basilica.

The second treat you should definitely try while visiting Rome, is  the ‘sorchetta romana’. A true classic of the Eternal City, this is a must for any locals especially at night after a bit of dancing!
Don’t ask the meaning of its name…it’s a bit of a vulgar term but in this case it is used with a lot of humor. The place to go is the Laboratorio Lambiase in Via Cernaia 47A. The deli, located in a basement, has achieved notoriety mainly thanks to this sweet, that it’s similar to a croissant with cream and chocolate on top.

rsz_163You have to try it and I can assure you that once you have tried it you will want it again!!