Rome beyond the guidebooks

More and more of our guests use blogs and newsgroups to plan their trips to Rome, particularly if they are hoping to do something that’s off the beaten track. Here is an excerpt with a selection of recommendations from a recent Slow Travel listing by ‘Jady’:

“I’ve been posting my favorite sources for Rome trip planning here and there on different threads, but figured I should put them in a dedicated thread that will more easily turn up in a search. I’d also love to see other’s favorite resources added here.

As well as the official tourism sites and well known websites that have been around for sometime, I find the following 5 sources indispensible for planning my trips. Also, since I love Rome and can’t get there often enough, it’s great to keep up with these online journals year round as they make me feel like I’m “virtually” there. I’m even following these folks on Twitter, many of them post pictures and it is so cool seeing how crowded the market is in Testaccio on Sunday morning for instance, mere seconds after the counter was swarmed at Cristalli di Zucchero! (My list is in no particular order, I love all of them):

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Parla Food

Revealed Rome

Rome NileGuide

Darius Arya Digs

Rome beyond the guidebooks
Rome beyond the guidebooks