the legendary Pucci
the legendary Pucci

‘Where’s Pucci?’ is the ┬áplaintive cry of many guests this year. With her indefatigable efforts to help holidaymakers staying at Casa Galilei and Casa Marconi over the past four years and the many entries on TripAdvisor and others sites singing her praises, Pucci has deservedly become a legend.

Her acts of kindness during the four years when she went went out of her way to help included picking up stranded guests, taking them off on day trips, bringing them dinner if they arrived late at night (she is one of the best cooks ever), retrieving their vehicles from car pounds, taking them to hospital AND waiting with them all day (that crisis ended happily I’m glad to say – with a baby boy born safely a few weeks later), spending hours explaining how to get to places, being roused in the early hours by slightly worse-for-wear guests who’d lost their keys and so much more …

Not surprisingly, she’s been invited to stay all over the globe by enchanted Casa Capena guests.

Pucci is still around in Capena some of the time, but has had to retire from holiday home management to concentrate on sorting out her family affairs in Sicily following her mother’s death last year. Her two sons have also left school now, which has left her much freer to indulge her own wanderlust – this year she spent two months in Bali.

Viva Pucci – and thanks for everything!