Once again we are here talking about an indigenous grape variety from Lazio.

Once again it’s a white one, and its name is Bellone.

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This variety has been present in Lazio since ancient times; it was already known by the ancient Romans and Plinius quoted it in one of his essays.

It is used in the blend of various DOC appellations of the region, such as the Capena Bianco, Frascati, Nettuno, Marino and a few others, but it is also vinified on its own especially in the southern part of the region in the coastal area of the Latina province.

It finds ideal conditions in the area of the Castelli Romani on volcanic, light and deep soils where it shows a good palette of fruity aromas especially grapefruit and peach. It may also have some honeyed and almond notes. It often has high level of alcohol, and it is round and full in the mouth; for this reason it is often used for the production of  Cannellino di Frascati.

It wonderfully matches the local cuisine: young pecorino romano with fava beans (the roman traditional food for the 1st of May picnic), but also sea fruits and lake fish especially if deep fried.

As for the other white grape varieties of Lazio, it normally gives wines to be drunk young or in a couple of years.