One of the major strengths of Italian wines, is to have a wide ampelographical range and a diverse production strongly depending on local traditions, but this also means that some local productions often remain unknown to many.

The Nero Buono is one of those grapes, often underrated or even forgotten. It is cultivated in a very small area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLazio, in the town of Cori , in the province of Latina , and distribution and consumption are closely related to the area of origin.


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Despite this, and especially thanks to those producers that have focused on the peculiarity of the indigenous grape varieties to develop a new viticultural trend in the region, the Nero has been recently rediscovered. The vine has unknown origins, but it has been grown in the area since ancient times. The hilly terrain of volcanic origin of the Lepini mountains and the micro-climate, characterized by fresh air breezes that reduce the risk of mildew, towards which Nero Buono is particularly sensitive, are the best conditions for this variety that has found here its perfect habitat .

If in the past it has been used in blend to reinforce the colour of other grapes, now several winemakers are producing it as a varietal wine, and the results are very encouraging. The wine has wild undergrowth aromas and spicy notes on the nose, a good body and a vibrant acidity and soft tannins. When handled with care and passion the wine shows a good trend to an elegant aging with the development of liquorice and cocoa notes. It is an extremely pleasant wine with a good structure and a good partner for the local cuisine.

Among the recommended producers: Marco Carpineti, Cincinnato cooperative and Poggio Le Volpi.